What is Bee – Fest and Why Should You Come?

Over the last six years we have worked tirelessly to build our dream. The dream wasn’t so much about getting people fit and healthy, although that was something we knew we wanted to include. The dream was more about creating a community where people could learn to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

We wanted to create a place where everyone was welcome and where you would be radically accepted for who you are while still being profoundly supported and encouraged to blossom into your next best self.

We had been around the health and fitness industry our entire lives and if there was something we knew we wanted to encourage, it was a profound sense of community, belonging, friendship and love. Over the last four years we have built our little Bee Hive into what it is today.

We have made mistakes, changed courses, and even had moments where we weren’t sure what to do next. But in spite of all of these obstacles, dilemmas, and navigational opportunities, one dream always remained.

That dream was to build an event where people in our community to come together to share adventures, love, community, food and the celebration of our lives. We started slowly building these events into our smaller intimate retreats and over the course of the last year we have sold out five incredible events.

We could feel the time was here. The time to bring our community together on a larger scale. To offer an event that would allow for our community to share to an even greater degree. Bee-Fest was born!

We knew the redwood forest of Northern California would be the perfect launchpad for this new endeavor. Being from Northern California ourselves, we couldn’t resist an opportunity to share the magic of those old growth trees with our Bee family.

So it is with a lifetime of excitement and anticipation that we launch our very first festival inspired retreat. Flush with all the luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, and quality coaching that you have come to expect, yet coupled with more love, entertainment, and experience than ever.

This is sure to be an incredible event and we are excited to welcome our Bee family to our first hive style retreat.

Love, Adam and Vanessa

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Vanessa Lambert