Spring Equinox Meditation And Activation

For many people Spring evokes an energy of cleaning and clearing, making space for the new by moving out anything old and stagnant. As the Spring Equinox arrives, take time to ground in and get reacquainted with the changing season. Ask yourself, what is something you can clear out of your space to make room for the energy of Spring?

Perhaps it’s cleaning out a space in your home—maybe that infamous junk drawer or space that accumulates all the clutter and represents chaos energy in your house. Or perhaps today is the day you begin to establish a new habit or routine that is in alignment with the energy of the new season. Maybe you begin to go outside more or plant the seeds in your garden that will continue to grow and bear fruit in this coming season. Maybe this is the season to make a commitment to living more cleanly, eliminating emotional or chemical  toxins in your space. How can you be in tune with the changing season by honoring the process of renewal and rebirth?

“How can you be in tune with the changing season by honoring the process of renewal and rebirth?”

What seeds have you been planting throughout the winter? What energies were incubating in your soul and what are you ready to are fully embody in the new season? Take time during this equinox to stop and meditate, journal and reflect. It is a beautiful time to appreciate all the deep work you have done through the winter and allow the new growth of the season to emerge.

You may not even realize that you were incubating any new energies in the stillness of winter, but if you take time to reflect, I bet you will likely find some internal shifts were shaping within you. You may have been becoming more clear on things you will no longer tolerate or allow in your space. You may have become more grounded in a thought process or clear on a way you no longer want to feel or think. Often if we take a moment to reflect and listen to the inner voice it will show us how we have been cultivting new thoughts or feeling in this past season and that the time is ripe to move into full commitment of these insights.

So here is your official Spring Equinox assignment—take ten minutes to sit quietly and discover what you have been creating during the winter season. Lucky for you, (if I do say so myself) I have created a ten minute guided meditation on the Spring Equinox to assist you in cleaning and clearing away the past to make room for the future. Download this meditation below and follow the instructions within.

After you have listened to the meditation, choose one area or aspect of your life that you can clear out to make space for this new energy. Tackle that junk drawer or clean out any toxic products in your bathroom or under your sink. Make space in your schedule and sign up for a class you’ve been longing to take. This is your equinox. Make it precious in your own way. May you enjoy the meditation and find this new season to spark a new beginning of what is to become the next more authentic vibration of your life. May you spring forward with all the love and good energy that new season has to offer.

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Vanessa Lambert