New Year Quantum Activation [replay]



Part One – (2hrs) Kundalini Set for calling in your highest purpose for 2021

Part Two – (2 hrs) Blueprint For Creating Your Future Self

Part Three – (1.5 hrs) Lunch Break 

Part Four – (30 min) Updating Soul Contracts 

Part Five – (2 hrs) Akashic Group Healing, Crystal Tuning, Closing

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Welcome to 2021!

Adam and I have shared over the last few months how incredibly activating 2020 was for both of us. It was definitely a year of ups and downs, twists and turns and we are just as ready as anyone to start creating a new stream of reality in 2021.

However trying 2020 may have been, it offered a tremendous opportunity for growth and self-discovery and there are a few things that came into my reality last year that I am extremely grateful for. One is working more deeply in the Akashic Records and opening the portal to this technology as well as working more deeply with crystal energies, which to me, go hand in hand.

The other genuinely wonderful thing that transpired for me this year was finally taking my Kundalini Yoga teacher training. I have been practicing Kundalini off and on for about 7 years and it is by far one of the most powerful yogic technologies out there.

In just a few months since I began my teacher training, and simultaneously a higher commitment to my daily practice, my life has literally transformed. I have long espoused the benefits of Kundalini and 2021 marks the year that its presence is more activated in the hive.

It has always been my commitment to share the things that are having a positive impact on my BODY and MIND for the greater EXPERIENCE of life and this year will begin the sharing of these things on a greater level and I invite you to tune in for a full day of quantum activation.

We will be firing on all levels and activating powerfully to call in your best year in 2021. No matter what is happening around you, you have the power to create your own reality within the matrix of your own life and this Sunday will be a spiritual declaration for doing just that!

Take this quantum leap with me now!