30-Day Paleo Challenge

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  • Weight loss
  • Consistent energy all-day
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Increase fitness


  • Delivered directly to your phone or desktop via our mobile app
  • Success tips
  • A caring community
  • Support from real coaches
  • Shopping List, Paleo cheat sheet, Paleo nutrition guide, Exercise guide, and more…
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30 Days To Ancestral Health

This 30-day paleo challenge will convert your body into a healthy, fat-burning machine.

Although most people lose weight, this challenge is not about weight loss.

It’s all about learning how to eat in a healthy and sustainable way that converts your body from using sugar to burning fat as the primary energy source.

This challenge also helps you remove foods known to cause inflammation, freeing up your immune system for more important things.

This change in food, combined with regular physical activity and healthy habits, will change your life, from higher energy levels throughout the day to better skin, better sleep, and an overall better mood.



  • Weight loss
  • Consistent energy all-day
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Increase fitness


  • Delivered Direct To Your Phone Or Desktop Via Our Mobile App
  • Success Tips
  • A Caring Community
  • Support From Real Coaches
  • Shopping List, Paleo Cheat Sheet, Paleo Nutrition Guide, Exercise Guide, and more

Your Coaches: Adam and Vanessa Lambert

What our clients are saying:

Bee The Wellness is the ideal platform for anyone interested in taking control of their life. The program includes mindfulness practices, nourishment and nutrition, exercise and multiple other avenues pointing toward healthy living. But for me, the most important aspect is the community, and “the hive” is just a very special place with very special people. I can only say that Bee The Wellness has spectacularly improved the quality of my life…to the point that I’ve put skin in the game…

-Ray G


I have some success to report. I hardly ever weigh myself because all the muscle gain makes that a really poor marker for how I’m doing, but I did today just to see. The first time in months. I’m down 30lbs and have a lot more muscle as well! Hurrah for Bee The Wellness!! Thank you!!

-Kavesu A


This program is awesome. The coaches and participants are helpful and encouraging. I can ask questions, even if they seem silly. The checklists keep me accountable. Why would I stop? In ten months, I’ve gained more peace of mind, consistency in healthy living habits, body strength and tone, and a great group of online friends. I’ve lost some pounds, more inches, and a portion of my negative tendencies.

-Jen R


I just got back from the pool where I took off my shirt with newfound confidence. I didn’t have to suck in my gut and I actually felt pretty good to show off my new Bee Body! Thanks, Adam and Vanessa and all the bees!

-Mike F