Apr 30, 2020

In this episode, Adam and Vanessa talk about what they've learned in 200 episodes of podcasting. Listen here on iTunes! Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave a 5 star review! Check out the Guided Meditations for Ground & Healing 

By: Adam Lambert" class="author_name">Adam Lambert
Apr 19, 2020

Devoted Mother, model, Hatha yoga teacher, holistic health practitioner, author and creator of The Golden Secrets, Jesse Golden has used her multi-faceted career as a platform to inspire and empower people all over the world. Jesse's accomplishments began at an early age, when, as a child, she became a ballerina in her Mother’s...

Apr 12, 2020

In this episode, Adam and Vanessa catch you up on their current thoughts about the world and give you detailed insights on life under "Safer At Home" conditions. Get the 21-Day Meditation on Grounding and Healing

Apr 2, 2020

Cristina Curp is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and former restaurant chef with a BA in Anthropology. Her love of food, and particularly using real food to heal inspired her popular food blog and wellness site, TheCastawayKitchen.comCheck out the 21-Day Meditation Challenge

Mar 15, 2020

When Sarah Clark was 28 years old, she received a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure (loss of function of the ovaries before age 40). At the time she has chronic yeast infections, acne on her previously clear skin, dandruff and a weird fungal rash on her chest. She didn’t realize...

Feb 23, 2020

Bret Contreras, PhD, CSCS,*D is a lifelong student of strength training, obsessed with the glutes, a personal trainer, the owner of Glute Lab San Diego, the author of Glute Lab, the inventor of the barbell hip thrust, the creator of BC Strengthproducts including the Hip Thruster, BC T-Bell, and Glute...

Feb 9, 2020

Anahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening.As a Certified High-Performance Coach, Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide, Anahata has guided thousands of individuals through core life shifts, helping them to...

Jan 19, 2020

Elle Russ is the author of Confident As Fu*k and the best-selling health book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution - which has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim their health. Elle is also a TV/Film writer and the show host for the popular Primal Blueprint Podcast started by NYT’s bestselling author, Mark Sisson. You can...

Jan 12, 2020

Tracy Fields is a retired and well decorated Army Officer with 21 years of service. Tracy deployed during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and again during the 2009 “surge.” Wrestling with the resulting PTSD, Tracy sought out a number of traditional therapies with little result. In this episode, he talks...

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