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At Bee The Wellness we believe you are the ultimate creator of your reality. With coaching geared towards creating a powerful and abundant lifestyle, we are committed to fostering a community that is keenly aware of their own personal power and the possibility to create their lives to make an impact on the world around them. With programs like Authentic Self and our monthly meditation challenges, we provide the tools and concepts that put you firmly at the helm of your own reality.

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Spring Equinox Meditation And Activation

March 20, 2019

For many people Spring evokes an energy of cleaning and clearing, making space for the new by moving out anything old and stagnant. As the Spring Equinox arrives, take time to ground in and get reacquainted with the changing season. Ask yourself, what is something you can clear out of…

Conscious Cleaning and Clearing:

March 5, 2019

As we begin to close the winter season, it is a great time to reassess our space, priorities, and commitments for the new season. It may be a time where we also dive into deep cleaning physically and metaphysically. Today I want to give you three ways you can clean…

Building The Home Of Our Selves

January 30, 2019

As we make our way into the new year we start to see the old patterns start to reemerge. But wait! I thought this year was going to be different. You promised yourself that you didn’t want this year to be a repeat of the same stories, habits and patterns…