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At Bee The Wellness we believe you are the ultimate creator of your reality. With coaching geared towards creating a powerful and abundant lifestyle, we are committed to fostering a community that is keenly aware of their own personal power and the possibility to create their lives to make an impact on the world around them. With programs like Authentic Self and our monthly meditation challenges, we provide the tools and concepts that put you firmly at the helm of your own reality.

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Distraction Energy

July 21, 2020

Many years ago, when taking a year-long spiritual counseling certification, I was introduced to a term: distraction energy. This refers to energy that gets in the way of fulfilling that which you are committed to creating in your life. This energy can take the shape of a traffic jam that…

Why is authenticity so important in achieving your goals?

July 6, 2020

Yesterday I was coaching one of my mastermind students. She had not completed her tasks for the week, and when I asked what had gotten in the way, she relayed feeling tired and unenthusiastic about the goals she had set for herself. A few more questions narrowed down that an…

An Assignment for Humanity

June 15, 2020

If you are breathing, you are feeling tremendous pressure. Yes, there is the virus, the protests, but no matter what you believe, think, or hold to be true about their implications, something larger is at play: a great negotiation. Too often, we are too busy to stop and think about…

Breathwork: 3 Simple Techniques

April 22, 2020

Everywhere we turn these days we are hearing about the healing and expansive properties of breathwork. So what is breathwork? How do we use it, and what are its implications? Breathwork has various styles and applications and many claim that it can reduce anxiety, improve stamina, help boost immune function,…

Eight Key Habits of a Life Well Lived

April 2, 2020

Our years of experience have taught us to focus on 8 categories that we believe encapsulate what it means to live a holistic, happy, healthy life. Bee Sleepy – We always say it starts with sleep, and we truly believe that. Without quality, full-phase sleep, we run on fumes, which…

[med-i-tey-shuh n]

March 18, 2020

What is it and I am doing it right? There are a lot of philosophies and even some major dogma around meditation. But at the root, meditation, like any mindfulness practice, is the act or non-act of clearing the mind of clutter. It is the process of gently quieting the…

Light Me Up

March 18, 2020

Why sharing matters As we move through the guided meditations in our meditation challenge you will almost certainly experience a range of emotions. Some emotions may be positive and some may be difficult. Sometimes we will have a powerful response one way or another. This intense reaction can be referred…

What Is Mindfulness?

January 12, 2020

Everywhere we turn, we hear people talk about mindfulness. But what does this term mean? How do we know whether we are practicing mindfulness? Today we will discuss how to think about mindfulness and what it means practically. The keyword with mindfulness is practice. When it comes to being mindful,…

What Is The Best Type Of Meditation?

November 4, 2019

I am often asked this question. The short answer is the one you will do. There really is no right or best way to meditate, but there are different paths of focus within meditation. What does that mean? It means that it depends on what you are trying to experience…