Light Me Up

Why sharing matters

As we move through the guided meditations in our meditation challenge you will almost certainly experience a range of emotions. Some emotions may be positive and some may be difficult. Sometimes we will have a powerful response one way or another. This intense reaction can be referred to as “lighting you up.” We use it to describe the things we have a strong reaction to and hopefully to pinpoint energy and emotions that are being called to our attention.

As you go through the challenge we ask you to share anything on a daily basis that “lights you up.” This is a great way to move through any of these feelings and this community can be a great sounding board. Of course, you are not obligated to share anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Share what feels right and let this be whatever feels natural to you.  

We recognize some topics may be more intense than others but we gently encourage you to explore why some topics may “light you up” more than others. There can be tremendous opportunities to learn and grow from these experiences. Try to explore your inner wisdom and we are always here to lend some extra love and nurturing when you need it:)

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Vanessa Lambert