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Transformative Retreats &
Epic Adventures 

For Purpose-Driven Humans

All you have to do is suit up, show up, and soak it all in.

We’ll take care of EVERYTHING else.

Let’s Talk!

Chat with live humans (us) to get the low-down on our retreats.

Transformative Retreats &
Epic Adventures 

For Purpose-Driven Humans

All you have to do is suit up, show up, and soak it all in.

We’ll take care of EVERYTHING else.

Let’s Talk!

Chat with live humans (us) to get the low-down on our retreats.

Are You Ready To...

SEEK your own path? 

DISCOVER the true power of your body and mind? 

CONNECT with like-minded people? 

NOURISH your body with Paleo-based meals? 

TRANSFORM your experience of life as you know it? 


If you’re saying “yes, yes, and more yes,'' then you’ve landed on the right slice of the internet because there’s nothing but AMAZING from here on out.

We’re Redefining The “All-Inclusive” Experience

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or considering your first retreat, planning the perfect vacation can trigger major decision fatigue and take months of careful research. 

Not here. 

Picture yourself going beyond the status-quo and into a new realm of all-inclusive that breaks tradition and sets a new standard. Forget cookie-cutter resorts with over-crowded beaches, greasy buffets, and poolside aerobics - we’ve got something better.

Our retreats are for health-minded people who want an experience that expertly blends best-vacation-ever, soul-searching-retreat, and transformative-experience


 "It would have taken me months to do all the planning for this trip"

This trip was a perfect balance of beautiful scenery, fun adventures of all sorts, great food, great wine, and the added bonus of quality humans to share the experience with.  Everything was seamless, organized and according to plan, and carefully researched to ensure we got the absolute best of the best.  It would have taken me months to do all the planning for this trip, so I really appreciated being able to just show up and fall into step with the well-executed plan, which far exceeded my expectations.  I feel so lucky to have been a part of it, and made wonderful friends that I still keep in touch with.

Amy G

 With Every Retreat…

...from your lodging and food to a carefully crafted agenda of 100% amazing activities, the logistics of your experience are totally taken care of so you can enjoy the hell out of the ride.


All you have to do is show up, be ready for a transformative adventure, and stop worrying about what comes next or whether or not you can eat the food BECAUSE WE HAVE IT COVERED!

What You Can Expect On Our Retreats



Embark on your journey with full faith that you’re getting the very best. 

You’ll be staying at the best places, in the most perfect locations, with top shelf service, making for an indulgent experience inside whatever adventure you choose.



Show up to all of your meals knowing that they’re free from the foods you prefer to avoid. 

Enjoy Paleo-based meals full of local flavor, packed with the freshest veggies, the best fats, and mouth-watering proteins to sustain and nourish your body.



Amplify your adventure when you connect with fellow adventurers. 

You’ll level up as a human and unearth a wealth of personal potential when you travel with an amazing group of newfound friends who will lift you up and draw you out.



Finding stillness, peace of mind, and the path to self actualization doesn't have to mean spending 10 days in silence, going vegan, or following rules that don’t fit you. 

There’s no one size fits all way to seek a life that’s inline with your highest, most evolved self, and our retreats hold space for your growth.

✔ Be As Paleo As You Want To Be

All of our experiences offer up a curated experience of what to eat, what to do, and where to go and are designed specifically to give you the experience of a lifetime, complete with inner awakenings, camaraderie and connection, and a gentle sinking into the self.


Our retreats do cater to people who eat Paleo, but hardcore adherence isn’t our thing so, go on… be as Paleo as you wanna be. Enjoy a judgment-free zone and be the truest of true to the youest of yous.


"Bee The Wellness makes sure your dietary preferences and needs are accommodated all while getting to experience authentic local cuisine which is incredibly nourishing and an experience to delight all the senses."

Erin G

 ✔ Join A Community Of Adventurers

Stunning sunsets, crisp, clean air, and pristine waters across the globe… the unfiltered joy brought to you by our mother earth never gets old. 


Sharing that joy with your fellow adventures is what makes our retreats special. We attract a down to earth community of beautiful people who are seekers, movers, and shakers. 


People who will catalyze your growth and awakening, who will support you on your journey, and who might just end up being lifelong friends and fellow travelers for many adventures to come. Community and connection are what we’re all about.


Disclaimer: You may be subjected to hugs, laughter, and wildly exuberant fun on your retreat.


"They truly care about creating relationships!"

Fantastic group of people looking to help others on their journey to discover their true selves.
Warm, friendly coaches who are passionate about what they do, how they do it and committed to helping you, whether it be online, on a retreat or via podcast. They truly care about creating relationships!

Kathy F

 ✔ Challenge Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

Most people seek out our retreats because they want an epic adventure, complete with FUN, delicious food, wonderful people, and one of a kind experiences, but they walk away with so much more. 


We’ve designed our retreats to offer a Body-Mind Experience, but (almost inevitably) the spirit shows up as well. 


Baked into the ride, you’re likely to experience a pinch of epiphany, a dash of inner awakening, and a whopping dollop of transformation - all while having a bucket list experience of a lifetime. 


Break through your barriers, challenge yourself, and become the best, most authentically expressed version of yourself as you explore the inner and outer workings of your body, mind, and soul.

Ask Us Anything!

Here’s What We Have In Store For You.

Upcoming Experiences

November 17-22, 2019

Where land meets sea, enjoy the very best of both beautiful worlds. 


By day, trek or white water raft through jungle-ensconced mountainous, surf practically perfect waves, or swim amongst cascading waterfalls. Rest and recover with movement and mobility workshops.


By night, entrust your pallet to our private chef’s creations and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of one of the most pure places on earth. 


December 15-22, 2019

For the true seeker, get your transcendence on at the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. 


Adventure inward with herbal support therapy and participate in 4 alternative plant medicine ceremonies. 


Attend to your growth with daily classes and breathwork sessions to support your inner journey, and rest and restore with yoga, massage, and hydrocolonic cleanses.

March 25 - April 3, 2020

Adventure in its purest. 


Get grounded and connect with the traditions, the land, and the people of Peru with daily excursions, a deep dive into the cultural landscape. 


Enjoy the most perfect blend of outdoor adventure and cultural immersion on the Lares Trek


Expeditions include options to participate in spiritual ceremonies, a chance to see how alpacas are farmed, excursions to and through local markets and communities, filled with villagers and their wares. You’ll have many opportunities to get intimately acquainted with the Peruvian culture and their daily lives.


If you’re ready to venture into the wild, optional hikes into the beautiful mountainous surroundings are offered for your daily dose of bun-busting fun. 

April 15 - 24, 2020

You’ll get a highly curated experience and the best of everything New Zealand has to offer on this beyond-epic adventure.


Soak in the Maori culture as we make our way through the North Island and hike through some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.


Some of the daytime adventures include fly fishing the renowned Tongariro River, swimming with dolphins, and white water rafting - all while basking in the magic of the topography around you.


At night, luxuriate in the best accommodations and top each evening off with a guided meditation to help integrate your experience. 


Be sure to ready your palate for otherworldly farm to table meals - you’ll also experience a taste of New Zealand culture with a traditional Maori dinner and show. 


We’ll make our way to Waiheke Island, home to the country's most prestigious vineyards and some of the world’s best wines. Enjoy a private tour as we explore the beautiful scenery, sample the wine, and savor the ridiculously delicious food.


Cross one off the bucket list with this time of your life experience that leaves no adventure left undone. 

Past Experiences

September 18-22, 2019

April 10 - 19, 2019

Machu Picchu

March 21-30, 2019

September 26 - October 5, 2018

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