Ep:211 The Skill of Stress | Emily Hightower

Emily Hightower is the founder of Intrinsic and created the Skill of Stress online course with Power Speed Endurance’s Rob Wilson and Brian MacKenzie. They are teaming up to reinvent our mental health system. Emily’s work aligns people with the intelligence of their body’s natural stress response systems and sees disruption as natural and necessary for creating desire, alignment, and healing through skill and experience.
She is a somatic yoga and breath instructor, biofeedback specialist, holistic health coach with 20 years of experience, she focuses on trauma-informed self-regulation skills for healing AND performance. She works with Team SOCOM, our special ops command, and combat veterans year-round. She coaches Blesma, a Limbless Veterans association in the U.K., and runs programs and immersions at 4 Winds Farm Trauma Recovery Center. She also partners with Dr. Allen at Roaring Fork Neurology to provide Intrinsic work for patients. 
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Ep:222 The Adam & Vanessa Show

What do numerology, the stock market, performance coaching, Iboga, and aliens have in common? They all get discussed in this podcast… Take the zero.five.assessment Share:Share

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