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Our bodies are incredible vessels for the human experience. At Bee The Wellness we seek to create vibrant states of well being that contribute to the experience of life. We train with the intention to expand what is possible in our lives. Whether you want to climb the highest mountains in the world, master a new sport or rock your next Halloween costume with confidence, we train with the intention to create a specific outcome and experience, live powerfully and understand what it means to live a fully embodied life.

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The Body Blog

DIY Body Butter Recipes!

January 21, 2021

This week we hosted Dr. Alan Christianson on the podcast episode 220 to discuss Thyroid health. It reminded me just how important it is to keep a close eye on your personal care products and the ingredients in them. So check out these two DIY Body Butter recipes and instructional…

The Home Gym Guide

December 29, 2020

Home gyms have never been more popular than today, and with the uncertainty of the current pandemic, it seems they will continue to be all the rage. The downside to this home gym boom is that it has become tough to source equipment at a reasonable price and delivery schedule.…

Breathwork: 3 Simple Techniques

April 22, 2020

Everywhere we turn these days we are hearing about the healing and expansive properties of breathwork. So what is breathwork? How do we use it, and what are its implications? Breathwork has various styles and applications and many claim that it can reduce anxiety, improve stamina, help boost immune function,…

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