It’s time to take control of your health and get the body you’ve always dreamt of...

Body Mind Roadmap
Your step-by-step system to develop the habits you need for a complete body transformation and your limited opportunity to work closely with our world-class health & wellness coaches...

We only accept new Body Mind Roadmap clients on an individual basis and if you apply today, you can save up to 50% off the regular price.

6 Months of Step-by-Step Nutrition Coaching CUSTOMIZED To Your Body, Goals, And Schedule...


Here's What You'll Find Inside Your Personalized Training...


Life-Changing Habits That Will Become Second-Nature To You 

Every week we will work with you to develop the nutritional habits you need to live a vibrant, healthy life. We’ll dive into each habit and explain how and why they work, one day at a time. These habits will stay with you even after you’re finished with this coaching program.


World-Class Coaching

Your coaches have personally worked and consulted with thousands of people — athletes, pilots, firefighters, sales professionals and stay at home parents. Our video presentations will give you insider tips on how to crack the code on nutrition. We get it. Feeling “lost” is normal.  And even if you know what you're doing, having the willpower to stick with it is sometimes impossible to find after a long, grueling day at work. So if you happen to fall off the wagon, no problem at all. That's what we're here for, to make changes on the fly to fit your life. You don't have to do this alone. We'll point you in the right direction.

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Simple Health Solutions For REAL People In The REAL World Like You 

Don’t be afraid of setting high goals. We’ll get you there. We’ll break down any complex nutritional strategies into plain English for you. Every day, we’ll work on strategic daily practices to get you that massive body transformation you deserve. 

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No More Fad Diets or Time-Consuming Workouts

You have enough to worry about and you don’t have time for backbreaking workouts in the gym. Let us sweat the details for you while you breathe easy and have fun. Remember, the key is to focus on one step at a time. 

Months 1 & 2

We focus on basic eating and movement habits. Not what to eat but HOW to eat. Tapping you back into your body's own intuition and breaking the emotional connections to food.

Months 3 - 6

Now that you have the basics down pat, we move on to individualizing your nutrition and workout plans to meet and exceed your goals...for life. 

And again, we’re with you every step of the way!

You might already know “what” you need to do to live a healthy and happy life. But you may not know “how” to actually do it. 


Imagine revamping your lifestyle with proven experts by your side. You may have a mountain of questions or concerns about how to take this on, but we’re right there with you...


Keeping you on track with your goals…


Sending you content to further break down each habit you’re developing...


And making changes on the fly for you whenever life throws you a curveball…


You’re never alone.


We’re In This Together

At the core of our system is our neuroscience-based behavior modification mobile app. 


You see, when you join our coaching program, you’ll also gain access to our support group. We’ll welcome you to our warm community that has hundreds of like-minded individuals determined to transform their lives just like you.


This robust tool is also “command central” for every aspect of your program.


Our coaches will personally deliver content straight to your phone -- to keep you inspired, answer your questions, and share our success tips. 


It gives you the flexibility to communicate with us even if you’re juggling work or travel plans. 


You’ll also be able to share and show off any progress videos or pictures you have for us!


Any other diet or workout program can rush you. You’ll get light instructions and minimal feedback… but that’s it. And if you do end up slimming down, what happens in a week or two? You pile it back on — and then some. 


That’s because they don’t teach you exactly how you can get life-changing results that last. Listen: we use a sustainable, practice-based approach to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time.


The result? You’ll lose the weight (and inches) you haven’t been able to shed for years. You’ll build muscle, strength, and confidence. And you’ll get into awesome shape, without other parts of your life taking a back seat.


Imagine waking up refreshed and excited to take on the day. You’ll proudly flaunt your new body with pride. People will tell you that there’s something different about’ll soon notice it too as you walk with a new “pep” in your step.


And after this program, maybe your friends and family will start turning to YOU for advice!

How much is your health worth to you?

The investment to join this 6-month coaching program is $1500 USD. But I have good news for you...


If you apply today, it's $750 if paid in full or $205 USD per month — a savings of up to 50% off the normal public price.


That means you’ll get the best personal nutrition coaching — with daily practices, lessons, and workouts — for about $4 a day. 


This is it. This is your opportunity to finally get the body you want. And you won’t have to worry about watching your results fade away once it’s over. We’re going to give you the skills, tools, and habits to make your results last a lifetime.

This Can All Be Yours, But You MUST Take Action Now.

Now, I need to tell you something. There is one catch for all this. 


To give everyone the personal care and attention they deserve, I can’t stretch myself too thin. That’s why we only open this program to those who are truly committed to making lasting change. 


And we can only accommodate a small percentage who show interest in the program which why you have to apply. 


This is your opportunity to work with Bee The Wellness coaches, to get into the best shape of your life for the rest of your life. 


When you apply today, this is what you can expect. You will be prompted to schedule a call with me, Adam, where we will discuss your goals and see if this program is a good fit–for both of us...


No high-pressure sales pitch, just a real conversation with a real human who has your best interest in mind. 


"Most people know what to do to reach their goals... They just don't know how to do it... I've created Body Mind Roadmap to give you both the WHAT and the HOW"


Adam is the co-founder and head coach of Bee The Wellness, an innovative health coaching company based in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He's an advisor to CAL FIRE, the US Forest Service, and has personally coached and consulted with thousands of clients from all walks of life - from everyday people to elite wildland firefighters, athletes and pilots.


Adam Lambert, CPT, PN
President & Co-founder


Give us six months. You’ll get in the best shape of your life — or your money back.


Understand you risk nothing. We’ll coach you for half a year. And if for any reason at all, if you feel like you’re not getting into the best shape of your life, it’s free. 


You already do so much for everyone else in your life. I get it. I understand you might need a break. Between work, kids, and everything “life” tries to drown you out with, it’s tough to stay afloat. 


It’s awesome you want to be there for the people you love. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own health in the process…


You can’t give everyone the best version of yourself if you’re not ever feeling your 100% best. 


Stick to the program for 6 months — and if you’re not happy we’ll give you back every penny. No hoops. No questions. No qualifications. Just a prompt and courteous refund.

Final Note
Take one small step today toward getting into the best shape of your life — join Body Mind Roadmap.

Where does the time go?


Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in shape.


Do you remember what it was like to feel vibrant and full of energy your entire day? You truly felt capable and confident enough to do what you want. 


Your health wasn’t an issue back then. Maybe you’ve told yourself that you can’t do anything now because declining health is just “a part of life.” 


But if you’re ready to have the body you deserve and take back control of your health and fitness once and for all, we’re here to help. 


You’ve probably tried taking on this transformation journey alone in the past. Things are different now. We’ve got your back. Now you can have someone in your corner who’s just as serious as you are about turning your dream body into reality.


You can try to figure it all out on your own without our help and without your support group. But there are no promises that the road in front of you will be easy. 


Vanessa and I have dedicated our professional lives to helping people like you transform their mindset, nutrition and fitness.


This is your limited opportunity to work with the best coaching team in the industry — to look, feel, and perform better than you thought possible.


We’ll take you by the hand and help you transform your body and life forever.


The next step is up to you.

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