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Authentic Self + Akashic intuitive reading

Here is what you are going to get when you sign up today:

~Identify what's holding you in negative behavior patterns

~Experience real spiritual awakening

~Reconnect with your soul

~Eliminate fear, anxiety, and uncertainty

~Create Sustainable habits that enable you to attain your goals

~Discover your true passion or calling

~Surround yourself with people who foster your inward journey

~And as a bonus, a 33 minute Akashic Intuitive Reading - Value $222

Get it today for $333/month


Body Mind Roadmap

Here is what you are going to get when you sign up today:

~Invest 6 Months and Change the Rest of Your Life

~Step-by-Step Nutrition Coaching

~Individualized Nutrition

~Individualized Workouts

~Bi-weekly Coaching Calls

~Zero Stress

Normally $1,500 but you get it today for $525

Aeonium and Crystal Grid on Black Table with Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Fluorite

Akashic Home Crystal Grid Reading

Do you know your home has it’s very own energetic expression? You could say it has a soul of its own. Together we will open to records of your home and find out what crystals are most supportive for your space. We create a crystal grid that uplifts, enchants, and expresses the highest potential for you and your home!

Purchase a $333 Akashic Home Reading and as a bonus, you will get a personal crystal shopping session with Vanessa and a credit of $333 toward your purchase.


Akashic Reading

Join Vanessa for a one-hour intuitive reading where we dive into your soul’s records. This is an incredible journey deep into the Akashic realm where the records of all time and all things are stored.

Receive support and guidance from your ancestors, angels, guides, and the “records” itself to support and guide you on your way. This is unlike anything you will have ever experienced before.

BONUS includes Meditations for Clarity and Creation digital album featuring 16 guided meditations to support and nourish your inner knowing and outer activation as well as four morning affirmations to create more love and beauty in your morning routine!

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$200 off bee-fest zion + pre-party (10 Spaces Only)

Here is what you are going to get when you sign up for Bee-Fest today:

~$200 off your ticket price

~Access to the Digital Pre-Party valued at $222: Join the Bee-Fest presenters, musicians, and other guests for a digital preparty. Special live performances, guest speakers, and interactive fun will take center stage in this awesome virtual gathering. Prizes and giveaways will be part of the fun so bring your luck, we will do the rest!

That's $422 of added value just for booking your spot today!


$200 off Iceland

For Black Friday only we are returning to our Earlybird pricing of $200 off your ticket price to Iceland. This has been one of our most requested destinations and we are looking forward to this epic adventure in 2021! This is your last chance to grab your spot for $200 off!