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Posts by Vanessa Lambert

New Zealand Retreat Wrap Up!

Traveling through New Zealand is truly an adventurer’s dream. From white water rafting to jet boating, hiking through heated rivers, and for those feeling exceptionally adventurous, even jumping out of a plane from as high as 18,000 ft. Our retreat focused on the North Island of New Zealand for its variety of adventure and diversity…

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Love Your Mother

Considering she is the one great mother to us all; it’s pretty cool there is an actual holiday dedicated to Mother Earth! But just like we often do with our human Moms, we tend to take her for granted. This Earth Day we would love to inspire you to do one additional thing in your…

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The Authentic Self vs. False Self

Guest post by Ora Nadrich In my new book, Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity, I say that it is the present moment that matters the most, and if we value the moments of our lives, we will want to make the most of each one, and not let any moment go by without…

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Spring Equinox Meditation And Activation

For many people Spring evokes an energy of cleaning and clearing, making space for the new by moving out anything old and stagnant. As the Spring Equinox arrives, take time to ground in and get reacquainted with the changing season. Ask yourself, what is something you can clear out of your space to make room…

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Conscious Cleaning and Clearing:

As we begin to close the winter season, it is a great time to reassess our space, priorities, and commitments for the new season. It may be a time where we also dive into deep cleaning physically and metaphysically. Today I want to give you three ways you can clean out toxicity in your house…

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Building The Home Of Our Selves

As we make our way into the new year we start to see the old patterns start to reemerge. But wait! I thought this year was going to be different. You promised yourself that you didn’t want this year to be a repeat of the same stories, habits and patterns that got in the way…

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What is Bee – Fest and Why Should You Come?

Over the last six years we have worked tirelessly to build our dream. The dream wasn’t so much about getting people fit and healthy, although that was something we knew we wanted to include. The dream was more about creating a community where people could learn to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. We wanted…

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Giraffe Manor, Masai Mara and Uganda Gorilla Trekking

When we decided to go to Africa a year ago to host our first Safari retreat, we knew we would stay longer and do some scouting of additional experiences for future events. We also had a few big milestones to celebrate in our personal lives, me turning 40 and our 15th wedding anniversary which would…

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Mama Africa

A trip to Africa is a journey back to oneself. To put into words what a journey to Africa means to one’s soul is an impossible task but alas I will give it a go. Africa had been singing to me since I was a girl. Since my earliest memories I can recall her energy…

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