Authentic Self Mastermind

A system for those who recognize their responsibility in creating their reality but have not yet mastered the process.

A system for those who recognize their responsibility in creating their reality but have not yet mastered the process.

Your chance to accelerate your success...

Move beyond your current roadblocks...

And create a life you love.

Ready To Be A Master?

Are you someone who is aware of your personal power to create your life but have not yet aligned with your full potential?


Do you find you make progress in certain areas when your commitment is high but find yourself backsliding when left to your own devices?


Do you still have difficulty taking action on certain ideas or concepts when what we both know is they make a difference in your life?


Are there still areas in your life you lack clarity or commitment that leaves you stuck and disempowered?

Me too... 

I used to think that I could do it all by sheer will and determination...


I have always been an action taker and had a pretty powerful mind to create things in my life...


But the process always took way more time and energy and was riddled with setbacks...


It felt like I would have a great streak of momentum only to be pushed back into old habits, limiting beliefs and, quite frankly smaller living...


The more setbacks I had, the more those limiting beliefs gained power. 


It wasn’t until I made the commitment to seek the company and guidance of others on a similar path that the setbacks came less frequently and the progress came more easily...


Since then, I have consistently been in some kind of coaching or mastermind. 


Everything from joining fitness teams to shore up athletic weaknesses and reach new physical goals to joining groups dedicated to entrepreneurship...


I have seen where sharing the journey with others committed to the same goal, accelerated my process...and I want that for you! 


But let's get one thing straight...


A mastermind is not just a teacher-student relationship...


It is a powerful tool to harness the collective consciousness and creative power of a group to quickly achieve progress where we struggled on our own...


Seeing others grapple with familiar blockages and sharing wisdom and insight towards greater achievement helps to solidify our own inner mastery.

Introducing the Authentic Self Mastermind

Here's What You'll Find Inside

Coaching and mentoring concept on screen. Self development and personal growth.

World-Class Coaching

It's time to level up the coaching. Receive valuable feedback from your coaches and mentors as well as your peers in this mastermind group.

As the leader and organizer, Vanessa Lambert will continue to be the head coach in this new format.

Get the same level of expert coaching and guidance but now with even more focus and power. This is level two baby, and it's time to grab the next gear.

Facebook logo reflection on a  glasses.

Private Facebook Community

Private Facebook group for easy sharing of schedules, resources, and updates. 

We know how important having access to a virtual community can be and our private facebook group will serve as the central hub for group sharing and content.

Young woman reading a book in a tablet device sitting in a yellow coach.

Bi-Monthly Group Calls

Each call will begin with a round table where each member states their current goal and the next three steps needed to complete or move towards the finish line with time frames in which they will be completed. We will also discuss what is working well and where you are still facing resistance.

Each week one to two people will be put in the ”love bubble". This a chance to get more focused coaching to clear any patterns that are sabotaging your success. Followed by a chance for the group to share their insights and feedback as well.

There will be one or two "love bubbles" per call but all of us will gain insight and perspective on our own goals through the sharing.

These Mastermind calls create the opportunity to connect with people at a deeper level and move beyond any internal blockages. The deep bonds and trust of this sacred circle give you the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on a whole new level and turn that into powerful action.

Meditation Vault

You will get access to our full library to almost 100 guided meditation and affirmations, written and recorded by Vanessa.

We want to continue to foster the inward journey with thoughtful meditations and affirmations to keep you centered in your practice.

When You Sign Up Here's What You're Getting

Membership To Our Authentic Self Mastermind

  • Twice monthly coaching calls.
  • Private Facebook group for group sharing, scheduling, and communication.
  • Access to meditation & affirmation library of almost 100 recordings.

AND to kick things off we are offering a free goal-setting system! Get clear on your goals before powerfully taking action in the mastermind group.


But Here's What You're Really Getting

  • A powerful roadmap towards creating a life you love.
  • Deep connection and support from your mastermind group and coaches.
  • Community and comradery on the road to achievement.
  • A path to overcoming any obstacles or resistance to unleash your fullest potential.
  • Membership in a badass mastermind group where everything becomes possible!


What the Mastermind program has done for me, is given me the opportunity to get in touch with the stories that have been given to me throughout my life.  By getting to see these stories, I have been able to achieve a deeper understanding that these stories are not mine and they do not identify who I am.  When you have this awareness you receive the freedom to create the life you want for the first time.  By getting real with setting goals and scheduling them in your life, you carve out the commitment to observe the intentions around WHY you do the things you do, and how to do the things, YOU want to do.  
The awareness that this program offers to might be one of the most valuable things I have given myself.  When you take this program you will come to understand the beautiful person living inside you and start to move towards living the life YOU, the real you has always truly wanted. 
Ben S

I joined the Bee the Wellness Mastermind several months ago and it has been nothing less than life-changing. I have been a successful person throughout my life but never really feeling like I was living to my potential. I always felt like there was something more I was supposed to be doing or somewhere else I was supposed to be. There was always so much going on in life it was hard to focus on the important things and really take my life to the next level.  After joining the Bee the Wellness mastermind, I was able to visualize and really focus on what my life was supposed to be. I used the skills from the Mastermind to prioritize and focus on the important things that mattered to me and moved me closer to my dream life.   Within two months of joining, my visualized life materialized right in front of me.  In fact, it was mostly there before but I was unable to see it because my vision was cloudy.  Once my vision was clear, I was able to seize several life opportunities that are changing my entire life for the positive.  I owe it all to the Bee The Wellness mastermind and my coach, Vanessa!    Seizing life by the horns now!

Allen F

One of the main things I created was self-confidence in my career. I have been in my career for 15yrs and finally being able to know and feel my worth is an amazing feeling. What surprised me the most was how easy it was once we got started in the program. Having your peers listening and giving advice with no judgment. 

I really didn’t know what to expect and yet had amazing results. Initially, I was thinking this program was going to be too much for me to handle at the moment in my lie. Long story short, I’m so glad I stuck with the program because it helped me so much! It made me realize a lot of things about myself and how it affects me with my career and my family life. Being able to set goals and achieve them in a short period of time was an amazing feeling.

Dena S.

Do it. Just do it. If you want to elevate your current practice of life mastery and you’ve loved your progress in the Authentic Self class, then this is the next step to achieving more, fine-tuning everything you’ve learned from AS, and really solidifying how to create a life you love! You definitely won’t be short on inspiration. Vanessa always finds a way to bring words of wisdom to the table along with mind-shifting insights! Her timing is impeccable. Vanessa has a finesse unlike any other life coach I’ve seen. Vanessa could be coaching another member in the group, and I would still feel like I benefitted in some way. Jenny L

Ready To Blast Off?

Terms and Conditions

Authentic Self Mastermind runs month to month. Cancel anytime before the next billing cycle and you will not be billed moving forward. Package offers are non-refundable if purchased during or as part of a promotional offer. Please refer to Terms of Service for full details below.