Adventure with Confidence​

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your safety is number one

Adventure with confidence

Bee The Wellness has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp, which provides travelers with assurance that we have implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols .

Adventure with Confidence

When you’re ready to get your adventure on again, we're here to support you!

Your safety, as well as our own and that of our partners, has always been our top priority, which is why new physical distancing and cleaning measures have been put in place at all of our retreats.

Our new Adventure with Confidence policy features new health and safety procedures from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, without taking away from having the time of your life.

The policy will evolve as time goes on and as we continue to monitor local public health recommendations, but what won’t change is our commitment to keeping you safe as you explore our big beautiful world.

On the road

When on the road, our private vehicles will now feature daily assigned seating and undergo daily deep cleaning of all surfaces. Hand-sanitizer will be required every time you board the vehicle.

At home base

We have always selected our accommodation partners carefully and now we are working with them to create new procedures to further protect your health and safety. Because we travel in small groups, we stay at smaller places — which means fewer guests. Not only does this give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your fellow travelers (with appropriate distancing), but you'll come in contact with fewer people, too.

and at meal time

Food is half the reason we travel (let alone leave the house), so we know how crucial it is that you feel safe whenever we have a meal. We will continue to only include eating experiences on our adventures where good hygiene is maintained and physical distancing can now be practiced.

more about our adventure with confidence policy


Smaller groups

Our groups have always been small. This offers security, access, camaraderie, and a connection with your destination you won't get by traveling on bus tours or on your own. With the exception of Bee Fest, our average group size is 18, ensuring our travelers can engage with each other without being squeezed together like sardines — and that was before physical distancing became a reality.


your own room

If you’re joining one of our adventures on your own, good for you! If you are a solo traveller sharing a room with someone, we will ensure they will be your roommate for the entire journey to support distancing efforts. We have Solo Rooms available as an extra option for most adventures (pending availability), and we’ll be offering more of these to make it even easier to have a bit more space.


Where you'll be staying safe

We’ve always carefully selected our accommodation partners for their high standards and local roots. Adventuring in small groups means that we stay at smaller hotels too, with fewer guests — which means less daily contact with others outside your group in public spaces. Now we are working with our accommodation partners to optimize their health, safety and cleanliness procedures, as well as creating additional measures for physical distancing in adherence to local health and safety regulations.


Your coaches and guides

They can help you find local clinics if you're feeling sick. They have extensive local knowledge to proactively help us navigate during our adventure. Their local knowledge allows for greater flexibility when it comes to knowing the best time to visit certain highlights to avoid crowds whenever possible. They’ll wear face masks when necessary based on local guidelines and recommendations.


You & your fellow adventurers

Our clients' safety and wellbeing is our biggest concern. If you're not feeling well before your departure, consult your doctor to determine your ability to travel. If you have a fever or any other symptoms on the adventure, you may be required to have a doctor clear you before rejoining us. All travelers are requested to bring face coverings, whether they're buffs, face masks or bandanas (extra style points encouraged). We'll make every effort to have hand sanitizer available, but we recommend bringing your own.


Small private transport vehicles

Each traveller will have a daily assigned seat. Hand-sanitizer will be required every time you board the vehicle. The use of facial coverings will be determined by the recommendations and requirements of the local health and safety jurisdiction. Use of local transportation will be limited wherever possible. Please reference the Trip Details for each individual Experience for specifics. If local transportation is used, precautions will be followed in adherence to local health and safety regulations to keep our travelers safe and sound.


A good & safe place to eat

We have always carefully selected our food service partners and worked closely with them to ensure they are meeting health, safety, and cleanliness standards with their facilities, staff training, and food preparation and delivery. Wherever possible, we reserve private rooms, if not the whole restaurant and opt for more "al fresco" opportunities when we can, while avoiding family style or self-serve buffets for meals. We want you to feel comfortable and safe as you savor every last bite.

These are uncertain times calling for unprecedented commitment

Which is exactly what we are offering you. Unprecedented commitment to your health and safety while having the adventure of a lifetime.