About Us

Our mission is to prepare clients to get fit for the experience of life with customized coaching programs and transformational retreats built to nurture the body, mind, and spirit.


Bee The Wellness leverages the expertise of two accomplished humans into one dynamic collective that brings transformative coaching to purpose-driven humans. Vanessa and Adam are tenacious change-makers working to empower adventure-seeking souls to push past personal boundaries, leap into adventure, and enjoy life to the fullest. By helping clients gain mastery over their physiology and mindset through coaching, courses, and retreats, they’ve created functional, yet organic, templates for living a badass life. 


Designed to drive transformation, Bee The Wellness aspires to level up the human experience in the physical, emotional, and spiritual arenas while facilitating community and connection between other wellness warriors. Their programs, courses, and retreats are built to expand people’s lives through nuanced, personalized whole-food diets, FUNctional fitness, and mindful, fearless living. 

Accolades in 2019 include winning Best Paleo Retreats from Paleo Magazine and 3rd place for Best Paleo Fitness Website.

Our Core Values



Our bodies are incredible vessels for the human experience. At Bee The Wellness. we seek to create vibrant states of well being that contribute to the experience of life. We train with the intention to expand what is possible in our lives. Whether you want to climb the highest mountains in the world, master a new sport or rock your next Halloween costume with confidence, we train with the intention to create a specific outcome and experience, live powerfully and understand what it means to live a fully embodied life. At Bee The Wellness we train for the experience of life.

Everybody is different. We understand the importance of creating programs geared toward mastering our personal physiology while keeping in mind the basic cornerstones of healthy living. Food, sleep, movement, and nourishment create a foundation of healthy living from which you can create a life of play, creativity, fun, and presence in your life. Making these changes may not always be easy, but we make it simple and keep it supportive.



At Bee The Wellness we believe you are the ultimate creator of your reality. With programs geared towards creating a powerful and abundant lifestyle, we are committed to fostering a community that is keenly aware of their own personal power and possibility to create their lives and make an impact on the world around them. With programs like Authentic Self and our monthly meditation challenges, we provide the tools and concepts that puts you at the control center of your own reality.



Imagine being surrounded by healthy, embodied, curiously minded people. Imagine sharing experiences of a lifetime with them all around the world. We are passionate about creating the why behind your health and well - being and creating a community of open-minded thinkers who are looking to powerfully create their reality. Climb, surf, swim or just be in the presence of inspiring individuals who are passionate about the experience of life.


At Bee The Wellness we are committed to helping you master your body and mind for the greater goal of experience.